Northern lights

A Beautiful Northern lights aka Aurora borealis in Alaska

Alaska, the land of wilderness and natural wonders, offers an enchanting spectacle that draws visitors from around the world – the captivating Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. This celestial phenomenon creates a mesmerizing display of vibrant colors dancing across the night sky, leaving onlookers in awe. Here’s a closer look at the allure and magic of the Aurora in Alaska

Nature’s Light Show

The Aurora in Alaska is like nature’s very own light show, where shimmering curtains of green, pink, and purple lights gracefully sway and twirl. This surreal display is caused by charged particles from the sun colliding with gases in Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in an ethereal dance of colors.

Best Viewing Locations

The vast and remote landscapes of Alaska provide some of the best viewing spots for the Northern Lights. Head to places like Fairbanks, Denali National Park, or Anchorage for a front-row seat to this celestial spectacle. Away from city lights, these locations offer unobstructed views of the night sky.

Fairbanks Alaska

Northern lights in Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska, is renowned as one of the prime destinations for witnessing the ethereal Northern Lights, an experience that transports you into the realm of wonder and magic. Nestled within the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks enjoys the advantage of being located beneath the “Auroral Oval,” a band where the Northern Lights are frequently visible.

The long nights create the perfect canvas for the lights to play their mesmerizing symphony, showcasing hues of green, pink, and purple. Many locals and visitors alike opt to embark on guided tours that take them away from the city’s lights to prime viewing spots in the surrounding wilderness. Wrapped in warm clothing, gazing at the luminous spectacle in the cold Arctic air, you’ll find yourself utterly captivated by nature’s grandest light show in the heart of Fairbanks, a city that seems designed to share the magic of the Northern Lights with the world.

Best time to see northern lights

The best time to witness the Northern Lights in Alaska is during the winter months, typically from late September to early April. During this period, the nights are longest and the skies are darkest, providing an optimal backdrop for the vibrant lights to dance across the heavens. Additionally, the cold and crisp winter air minimizes interference from city lights and atmospheric disturbances, allowing the colors and patterns of the Aurora to shine brilliantly. While the exact appearance of the Northern Lights is unpredictable, dedicating a few nights to Aurora hunting within this window greatly increases your chances of witnessing this natural spectacle in its full glory.

If you’re seeking an unforgettable encounter with the Northern Lights, consider venturing to Alaska during the heart of winter. Bundle up, keep an eye on solar activity forecasts, and find a cozy spot away from light pollution. As the curtains of green, pink, and purple lights gracefully sway overhead, you’ll be treated to a breath-taking spectacle that will forever remain etched in your memory.

Aurora Chasing

Many tour operators in Alaska offer guided Aurora chasing tours. These excursions take you to prime viewing locations and provide insights about the science and legends behind this stunning natural occurrence. It’s a great way to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the Northern Lights.


Unpredictable Beauty

While science can predict solar activity, the appearance of the Aurora remains unpredictable. Its intensity, colors, and patterns can vary greatly from one display to another. This unpredictability adds to the excitement of witnessing this incredible phenomenon.

Photography Paradise

The Aurora in Alaska is a photographer’s dream come true. Capturing the dancing lights against the backdrop of snow-covered landscapes or reflected in calm waters creates breath taking images that will be cherished forever.

Science and Wonder

This celestial spectacle occurs when charged particles from the sun, primarily electrons and protons, interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. As these particles collide with gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, particularly oxygen and nitrogen, they emit radiant bursts of light, creating the luminous and enchanting displays that grace the night skies of high-latitude regions like Alaska. The vibrant colors, ranging from green and pink to purple, are determined by the type of gas being excited by the solar particles. This natural symphony of light and color paints the heavens with its breath-taking palette, reminding us of the intricate interplay between our planet and the cosmos.

Aurora borealis Alaska cruise

Embarking on an Alaska cruise not only promises scenic landscapes and wildlife encounters but also the chance to witness the enchanting Aurora Borealis. Sailing through the dark, crisp nights of Alaska’s coastal waters offers a unique opportunity to view this celestial phenomenon from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship. Many cruise lines offer special itineraries during the prime Northern Lights season, typically from September to April, when the skies are darkest. As the ship glides along the tranquil waters, passengers are treated to an otherworldly spectacle overhead – the swirling, vivid colors of the Aurora Borealis dancing across the heavens. Do check out web story on Northern lights


Alaska’s Aurora is a cosmic ballet that reminds us of the Earth’s intricate connections with the universe. It’s a reminder of the wonders that lie beyond our daily lives and the beauty that nature gracefully paints across the night sky. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a curious explorer, witnessing the Aurora in Alaska is an experience that will leave you humbled and deeply inspired.