Aguada Fort Goa

A Valuable location Aguada Fort Goa

In the heart of Goa, amidst the sun-kissed beaches and swaying palm trees, lies a majestic relic of the past the Aguada Fort also known as upper fort Aguada. Standing as a silent witness to centuries of history, this iconic fortress encapsulates the rich cultural tapestry of the region while offering visitors a glimpse into its storied past. Hold still when you reach there because the wind are so strong.

The fort is located just 30 mins away from the capital city Panaji with 15.5 Km by road and in between you will also able to see Reis Magos Fort. However you can also take a ferry and then connect to the road which will reduce the distance. But the time taken to board a ferry is often longer when you have your own vehicle.

Aguada Fort History

Built in the early 17th century by the Portuguese colonial rulers, Aguada Fort holds a strategic position atop a hill overlooking the Arabian Sea. Its primary purpose was to guard against potential invasions by rival European powers and protect the bustling port of Old Goa, which served as the capital of Portuguese India at the time. Once upon a time there was a Portuguese flag waving on the fort and after 1962 when the state of Goa got freedom now you will see an Indian flag waving in the air. To know more about how Goa got liberated do check the Wikipedia website post. Annexation of Goa.

Indian flag on Aguada Fort Goa

Aguada fort timings

The fort opens for visitors at 8:30 AM, with the last entry ticket sold at 5:30 PM. However, it remains accessible till 6:30 PM for ticket holders. The optimal time for a visit is before 5:30 PM, offering a stunning sunset view over the sea. Due to its historical significance, the fort is often crowded, making it challenging to capture clear photos.

Sunset on Aguada Fort Goa
Sunset on Aguada

Ticket price

When visiting, your first stop is the ticket counter, where admission costs Rs 25/-. However, citizens of India and SAARC nations share this rate, while others pay more. Beware of fake tickets sold outside; genuine ones, issued by the Department of Archaeological Survey of India, are labeled ‘UPPER FORT AGUADA,’ feature a barcode, and display the valid date. These precautions are in place to prevent scams. See the below image,

Ticket for Aguada Fort Goa

Outside the Upper Aguada Fort

As you pass the ticket counter, the Indian flag proudly waves in the air, marking the entrance to the fort. Adjacent, you’ll find restroom facilities for both genders. To access the fort’s interior, display your ticket to the attendant stationed at the door. As you proceed, the towering fort walls loom impressively, with a significant gap separating them from the park housing the Indian flag—a strategic defense measure against invaders. On the opposite side, a lighthouse aids ships navigating the waters during nighttime.

Inside Upper Fort Aguada

After presenting your ticket to the guard, you’ll receive instructions to enter the fort. Inside, ancient stairs greet you, leading upward, while an entry to the fort grounds beckons from the opposite side. Adorned with historical images, a small room offers a glimpse into the past. Ascending further, you reach the fort’s apex, where a narrow path connects all four corners. Each corner boasts a centerpiece, often a cannon. Visitors traverse this path, exploring the fort’s expansive views and rich history.

Lighthouse at aguada
Lighthouse at Aguada

Lighthouse and Water Storage

In the heart of the Aguada fort stands an ancient lighthouse, once a beacon for Portuguese ships, alongside an intriguing underground water storage. Initially I mistaken for a jail, when I did further research it revealed its true purpose as a water storage facility. Caution is advised, as the holes are protected with nets to prevent access throwing items inside could lead to their disappearance in the dark, watery depths below. Access is restricted to authorized personnel only.

You can stand on this water storage house. If you echo in one hole you will hear the voice in other. The sound is tapped inside the water storage. Right at the middle of the storage house you will notice a blue color board on which it has given all the forts in Goa and their location from Aguada Fort. The closest fort is Lower fort, Aguada with just 3km distance and the farthest is Cabo de Rama fort with 75 Km. However the most distance one on the board is Anjediv fort but its not in the state of Goa. It falls in state of Karnataka.

You can walk on all around the storage house, there are steel gates at end corners. The corners which are not facing to sea. These may be the rooms or stockpile rooms for the solders who were staying on this fort.

Sunset view

As you reach the end of the fort, the sight of the sea and the gentle breeze await, creating a perfect setting to witness the sunset. From this vantage point, the entire city of Panaji unfolds before you, offering a panoramic view that captivates the soul. You will also see boats and ferry crossing one land to other. The fort reside just between the river Mandovi and the Arabian Sea. You can see water of the river getting mixed into the sea from this point.

Aguada Fort goa Images

Below are some of the images which was clicked during my visit to this amazing fort. I had managed to take as clear as possible. The fort is always crowed and it was very difficult to get a clear picture.


In conclusion, the Fort stands as a timeless testament to Goa’s rich history and enduring legacy. Its towering walls and strategic location overlooking the Arabian Sea offer visitors a glimpse into the region’s maritime past and colonial heritage. From its historic significance to its breath-taking vistas, The Fort continues to captivate travellers with its charm and allure. As a symbol of resilience and fortitude, it reminds us of Goa’s cultural heritage and the enduring spirit of its people. Whether exploring its ancient corridors or admiring the panoramic views, Aguada Fort invites all to embark on a journey through time and discover the captivating stories etched within its walls.

Also check the near by places like the Energetic Calangute Beach Goa which is around 10km to 15km from this location. There is also a lower fort Aguada whose primary role was to define the territory of Goa and there is also Aguada Jail which was one upon time used as centre jail by Portuguese. Now its a tourist attraction.