Why is American football called football 

Historical Roots

American football is called 'football' because it evolved from early games that were played on foot, as opposed to on horseback, like some other sports.


Early Ball Handling

In its early days, American football involved a significant amount of handling the ball with the feet, contributing to the use of 'football' in its name


Rugby Connection

American football shares its origins with rugby, which also retained the 'football' terminology. This connection influenced its name


Historical Terminology

When American football was emerging, other similar sports in the United States were already using the name 'football.


Kicking Component

While American football primarily involves running and passing, it retains the 'football' name due to the inclusion of kicking plays.


Symbolic Name

The use of 'football' in American football's name symbolizes its historical and cultural connection to earlier ball games.


Global Naming Variations

Around the world, sports similar to American football have various names, but 'football' remains unique to the American version.


Tradition and Identity

Over time, 'football' became an integral part of American football's tradition, reflecting its historical identity.