Ravinia Festival

What is Ravinia Festival

Ravinia is an internationally renowned not for profit making purpose. It is summer music festival that includes large variety of events.


The Ravinia Festival is one of the oldest and most renowned outdoor music festivals in the United States dated back to 1904.


It is located in a gentle wooded area of Highland Park Illinois. Ravinia is a 36 acre park with capacity of 13,000 ticketed guest. 


Ravinia has 4 primary entrances, North side, South side and east and west. Donors may enter half an hour before from southeast and west entrances. 

Pavilion venue

The Pavilion holds a seats capacity of 3350. Here the Major musical events and concepts happen including Chicago Symphony Orchestra Performances.

The Martin Theatre

The martin theatre holds a capacity of 850 seats. It is an indoor hall where the chamber music, semi-staged opera and other indoor performance happens.

The Lawn

This is an open space area where music is broadcast on sound system along with video streaming on a large screen. People can seat like they came for a picnic. 

Bennett Gordon Hall

Bennett Gordon Hall is a 450-seat venue at Ravinia Park. It hosts events like the Steans Music Institute, the BGH Classics Series, and talks before concerts. They have programs for jazz, piano, strings, and singing. 

Why so unique

It's mission extends beyond the stage, into the local community and classrooms through reach play education programs and the Ravinia stains music institute. 


Almost 40 percent of revenue comes from the donations which support this programs. As a thanks Ravinia offers benefits for the donor like early entry tickets, Parking and donor only lots.

Things allowed inside

You can bring chairs, tables, blankets, food and beverages as you want including alcohol for those who are 21 and over. 

Things not permitted

Thing which are not permitted inside are grills, fire pits, kegs, athletic equipment, pets, tents, personal stereos and most importantly Photographic or video recording equipment.