Places to visit in Charlotte


Carowinds is a thrilling amusement park that offers a perfect blend of exhilarating rides, entertaining shows, and fun-filled attractions for all ages.


NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a must-visit destination for racing enthusiasts, showcasing the rich history and legendary figures of NASCAR through immersive exhibits and interactive experiences.


Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America Stadium is a state-of-the-art sports venue in Charlotte, known for hosting thrilling football games and major events, offering an unforgettable experience for fans.


Mint Museum Uptown

A vibrant cultural institution in Charlotte, showcasing a diverse collection of contemporary art and design, enriching the city's artistic landscape.


Levine Center for the Arts

Levine Center for the Arts is a dynamic hub in Charlotte, housing multiple cultural institutions and fostering creativity through its world-class performances, exhibitions, and educational programs.


Charlotte Downtown

A vibrant and bustling urban center, offering a mix of entertainment, dining, shopping, and cultural experiences amidst its impressive skyline.


Church on Morehead St

Church on Morehead St is a beautiful and historic place of worship, showcasing stunning architecture and serving as a spiritual sanctuary in the heart of Charlotte.


Trust Field

Truist Field in Charlotte is a state-of-the-art sports stadium, home to exciting games and events, providing an unforgettable experience for fans.