If Fallout tv series like situation happens 

Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear radiation, unleashed post-nuke, poses a lingering threat to both environment and health. The radiation could last over 100 years on earth.

World War III

World War III, with the looming threat of nuclear conflict, casts a shadow of fear over humanity's future. 

Mother Nature

The nuclear war will destroy all of our nature. The river water will be dry, oxygen level will be decrease. 


Humanity will be forced to live inside bunkers to keep away from harmful radiation. There will be no place on land to stay.


If people some how lived then their DNS won't be same like before and could be change causing mutation also could become Zombies. 

Faith like Dinosaur

One upon a time Dinosaur used to dominate the Earth. On event change everything. Same can happen to us.

Future Generation

The future generation won't know how beautiful our world once was. Trees, Rivers, Birds, Animals etc. 

Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

Hiroshima and Nagasaki stand as harrowing reminders of the devastating impact of nuclear warfare. Imagine a 10 times more powerful bomb can do.

Fallout tv series

The Tv series show what will happen if there was a nuclear war not just between two countries but multiple countries.